The Digital Elephant in the Room

12,000 visitors representing 64 countries came to Vegas to play video games for a quarter of a million dollars in prize money and the local press didn’t even mention it. When I saw that the World Series of Darts managed to get a blurb in Vegas SEVEN but EVO was basically ignored, I knew it was time for me to start speaking up.

The weekend of July 14th, Evolution Championship Series better known as EVO took over 465,000 square feet at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for over 40 hours of high stakes video game play. 2017 was EVO’s 12th year in Las Vegas. $250,000 in prize money. 12,000 players. 15,000 people in attendance total. The event was televised live on ESPN and the the Disney Channel. 4.1 million people watching from home from across the world. Naturally I was disappointed in the lack of local Vegas coverage.

When the term ‘esports’ has become a buzzword in every major media outlet, it’s time to start taking this demographic seriously. The good news is, the foundation is already laid out on the ground here in Vegas and amazing things are brewing behind the scenes. Las Vegas has been the home of major esports events in the last year like Dreamhack Masters, Halo Champion Series, Gears Pro Circuit, and the League of Legends Championship Series.

While business interests decipher the esports phenomenon, you and I both know that the only way they will truly tap into this market is if they respect the culture of the gamer and the community we’ve built. RESET is here to insure that happens in Las Vegas. Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride.

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